HFKS Architects Inc.


University Hall Fire Alarm & Compartmentation Strategy Project, University of Lethbridge

HFKS Architects Inc. provided the University of Lethbridge with a review of life safety issues that are to address new building code requirements for University Hall. The building was originally designed under the requirements of the 1965 National Building Code. Since then, many advances in life safety in buildings have been made. The University addressed initial safety issues by installing a full fire suppression system in the late 90s and early 2000s.

The building has nine levels housing various occupancy types and classifications: lecture theatres, classrooms, seminar rooms, laboratories, mechanical service areas, faculty and administrative offices, student residences, and public areas.

The scope of work includes upgrading of the existing fire-alarm system, improving exits and upgrading fire compartments, fire-stoppingand building shaft safety upgrades. In addition to the construction, HFKS developed Future Works Guidelines for the University to use as a reference for future renovation work.

University of L Hall Fire Alarm 1.jpg
University of L Hall Fire Alarm 2