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Strathcona County Library, Sherwood Park

The Strathcona County Library constitutes a distinct component of the entire complex of the Strathcona County Community Centre (SCCS).

The two storey, largely open space library is a delight. Engaging, stimulating, vibrant and colourful – it offers something to each and every age group. It also significantly improved working conditions for the library staff, including implementation of the RFI tagging and automated 3M sorter system.

The Strathcona County Library design has been recognized by the American Library Association and feature in two categories (Accessibility and Youth Spaces) in the 2012 Library Design Showcase.

The library offers something for everyone – books, CDs, DVDs, study and meeting spaces, public-use computers, Vicky’s Cafe, a fireside lounge and free wi-fi service.

A large-scale works by prairie artists Alex Janvier and Manola Borrajo-Giner grace the first and second floors;

two paintings on the library balcony fronts by Alex Janvier, the same artist who painted the mural on the spiral staircase in County Hall in 1975. The theme: Creating a Heart for our Community.

The original glass wall greeting visitors at the top of the stairway in the library was created by Artist Manola Borrajo-Giner. Entitled “park • land • home”, this glass wall is inspired by the prairie landscape of Strathcona County and recreates the Parkland Region of Alberta.

Strathcona County  LIBRARY 1
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