HFKS Architects Inc.


Strathcona County Family and Community Services, Sherwood Park

The Family and Community Services Unit for the Strathcona County was required to be moved from their existing location to make way for a new Strathcona County Community Centre in Sherwood Park which was to provide new accommodation for a Public Library, Council Chambers, County Executive Administration, Family and Community Services, an Art Gallery, Conference /Meeting Rooms a large Public Assembly Space and Commercial Retail Space.

As a result of this the Family and Community Services Unit was relocated for an interim period of into leased space of approximately 18,000 sq. ft.

The space was fitted with a moveable wall system (DIRTT) that was subsequently relocated to the new premises in the Community Centre, and the County of Strathcona then realized a substantial savings in the construction of the tenant improvements.

  • Maintained ongoing operations through the renovations with multiple user groups and complex phasing with numerous tender packages.

  • Building systems, including mechanical head-end equipment were upgraded.

  • Effective use of new construction to accommodate high service needs and clear floor area.

  • Addressing challenges of existing facility floor plate to meet efficient operational and functional needs of the other components.

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