HFKS Architects Inc.


Strathcona County Art Gallery @ 501, Sherwood Park

The Art Gallery@501 constitutes a distinct component of the entire complex of the Strathcona County Community Centre (SCCS). Directly accessible to the public via a designated entrance it strongly announces its own street level presence. The Gallery @501 functions as a publicly funded visual arts facility. Its temperature and humidity controlled environment has been designed and constructed to meet the criteria of the Class ‘A’ space. The gallery has been conceived to accommodate functional components of:

  • Open space display area approx. 400 sqm (4,300 sqft) with flexible lighting system

  • Visual Arts Program Rooms (total of 76 sqm or 820 sqft) with wet counter and barrier-free washroom

  • Children’s coats storage

  • Preparatory Workshop space

Strathcona County Art Gallery 1
Strathcona County Art Gallery 6.jpg
Strathcona County Art Gallery 7.jpg
Strathcona County ART GALLERY 8