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Fire Station #1 Generator and Plaza Redevelopment, Calgary


Located on the SW corner of Macleod Trail southbound and 5 Avenue East, the plaza is surrounded by high density commercial, hospitality and residential developments.

The presence of multiple failures of the various surface materials of the plaza deck indicated that the materials are nearing the end of their serviceable life, and man required replacement. From a landscape perspective, several areas required substantial renovations in order to bring the plaza back into usable condition.

The state of deterioration was analyzed in greater detail and the scope of work was defined. It required to renovate the plaza into a high quality public amenity.

Overall, the proposed program for the plaza remained relatively unchanged from existing conditions. However, in order to increase the functionality of the space, for example, the public space was configured to accommodate a multi-use performance space.

New Standby Generator Installation

Design and construction of an emergency generator installation at Fire Station No. 1 includes two phases:

Feasibility study (Phase I) and complete architectural services (CD and CA - Phase II)

The installation of one diesel-electric generator set (provided by the City of Calgary) at the exterior of Fire Station No.1  included construction of a structural steel, panelized enclosure wall w/ LED accent lighting.

The project was being constructed under the Design-Bid-Build project delivery system.

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