HFKS Architects Inc.


Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton

The Cross Cancer Institute (CCI) in Edmonton is the comprehensive cancer facility for northern Alberta and a lead tertiary centre for province-wide cancer prevention, diagnostic, treatment and research programs. HFKS Architects and predecessor firms have been involved in numerous CCI's major expansions and renovations, beginning in late 80’s. Undertaken as a sequential major redevelopment project, the construction initially included the addition of seven high-energy linear accelerator vaults, substantial laboratory research space and auditorium/administration areas, plus the complete renovation of the 18,000m2 existing hospital that included inpatient care, brachytherapy and special care units for immunosuppressed patients. Subsequent renovations and expansion resulted in additions of the Linac Vaults, Edmonton Radiopharmaceutical Centre (ERC), Centre for Biological Imaging and Advanced Radiotherapy (CBIAR). The upgrades to the CCI facility also include: Cyclotron, Tomotherapy Vault, PET/CT, Hot Cells with robotic manipulators, Radiation Therapy Clinical Training Suite and high energy MRI equipment for research and diagnostics.