HFKS Architects Inc.


87th Avenue Pedway, University of Alberta, Edmonton

The pedestrian bridge spans over 87th Avenue, from the Education Building to the Heritage Medical Research Centre.

“The economical but signature gateway structure” requirement was met with two dynamic and asymmetrical concrete and stainless steel piers, and two massive vertical Tyndal-stone banner towers capped in stainless steel. The silver and black horizontal ribbon tube bridge is sleek and modern matching the Heritage Medical Research Centre also designed by HFKS Architects Inc.  The bridge is supported by two black catenary rods.  The interior rods are embellished with stainless steel details at all the connection points to add interest when crossing over the structure.  The polished and burgundy stained concrete deck is also unique to this bridge. This bridge has quickly become a landmark at the University.

The simple but unique elements combine to create a sculptural architectural assembly that does not affront the observer but stimulates and increases the interest and dynamism of both the streetscape and the journey across the structure.

The 87 Avenue Pedway structure was a finalist in the CISC 2017 Alberta Steel Design Awards of Excellence.


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