HFKS Architects Inc.

Master Planning

Master Planning consulting forms part of our pre-design services and assist clients in determination of the best approaches to an early, high-level facilities planning, frequently based on prior technical assessments, functional and condition surveys.

We implement a multidisciplinary approach, leading and engaging teams comprised of experts from across the various disciplines, to identify challenges early and produce tailored strategies that mitigate development risk and define project success metrics.  With a comprehensive understanding of the technical issues, we’re able to identify environmental, social and economic factors to provide coordinated, clever, cost saving planning solutions that are both deliverable and operable. We establish pre-design framework for complex existing or new institutional facilities, describing and projecting their role and operations.  Complex impacts that a likely to result from a large-scale planning approaches are assessed to formulate the most appropriate strategy.

As master planners we engage our clients in strategic framing workshops, comprehensive options analyses, involving stakeholders and the community in comprehensive planning processes, testing various approaches to optimize operational, technical and functional performance.