HFKS Architects Inc.


Architecture is our core business. It is our passion and craft to creatively shape and balance complexities of the built environment. Committed to provide service that respects the needs, desires and means of our clients, we are deeply engaged in positive contribution to our surroundings, both inside and outside. We are good listeners and trusted advisors in the practice of architecture. As individuals, and as a team, we deliver with enthusiasm and energy - continually honing our design skill.

Either big or small, we are surrounded by architecture. It impacts the way we live, work, study, play, celebrate, engage, move around or take care of each other. Fully engaged, we inspire and lead the teams of professionals creating architecture for long-term use, frequently re-purposed, and based on longevity of systems, flexibility and adaptability of use. Our service is based on inventive planning and close, coordinated collaboration with clients, users and operators, consultants and construction experts.

HFKS Architecture